The Goodman Law Firm FUNDED LIVING TRUST ESTATE PLAN consists of the following:

Lengthy Advice Letter – A lengthy letter explaining the living trust documents and how to properly fund the living trust. Keep it on hand for future reference.

Declaration of Trust – The trust document forming the heart of the FUNDED LIVING TRUST ESTATE PLAN.

Last Will & Testament – The “pour-over” Wills that are used to make sure that everything in your Estate (even those things you forget to transfer into the Trust) are distributed according to the plan set forth in your Trust.

Trust Power of Attorney – A special power of attorney to facilitate the transfer of assets.

Medical Power of Attorney – A medical power of attorney to give someone the legal authority to make medical treatment decisions when you are not able to make the decisions yourself.

Durable Power of Attorney – A comprehensive durable power of attorney to give someone the legal authority to sign legal documents when you are not able to do so. A good durable power of attorney can help to avoid expensive and time-consuming Conservatorship proceedings

“Living Will” – The legal document known as a “Living Will” expresses your desire to avoid artificial methods of life support that may only serve to increase medical and hospital bills. You can express your desire to avoid CPR and the hospital, be kept comfortable and pain-free.

Assignment, Grant & Quitclaim of Assets to Trust – A comprehensive general assignment document to show your transfer of assets into the Trust.

Certificate of Trust Existence & Authority – A certificate to be recorded with the County Recorder’s office to certify the existence of the Trust, who is authorized to act on behalf of the Trust, who the successor trustee(s) is/are, and the powers of which the trustee is vested.

Tangible Personal Property List – A form to list and identify the tangible personal property and the person who should receive the item of personal property upon your death. Use this form to make gifts of personal items that are not transferred into the Trust.

Checklist – A comprehensive checklist to help you complete the process of organizing your FUNDED LIVING TRUST ESTATE PLAN.

Deed – A quitclaim or special warranty deed to transfer ownership of your home into your Trust.

Things To Do Upon The Death Of A Loved One – A comprehensive checklist of things to do upon the death of a loved one.

The Goodman Law Firm FUNDED LIVING TRUST ESTATE PLAN is provided for Arizona residents only. A deposit for the FUNDED LIVING TRUST ESTATE PLAN is due at the time you authorize us to proceed, and the balance is due when the documents are prepared. The fee includes the cost of recording the Trust Certificate and the Deed, and provisions in the Declaration of Trust distributing to no more than two (2) beneficiaries.  Provisions for distribution to additional beneficiaries are available for an additional reasonable fee. Other services are available from the firm in accordance with the firm’s customary and usual charges. We accept American Express, VISA,  MasterCard, and Discover.  For an appointment, contact us.

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