In Arizona, one of the most useful methods to enforce or collect a judgment is the “writ of execution.”  To “execute” on the judgment does not mean that the debtor will be killed.  It means that a court order will be issued commanding the Sheriff or Constable to seize and sell non-exempt property of the debtor in order to raise the money to satisfy (pay) the judgment.

Some Arizona Sheriffs and Constables require pre-payment of anticipated expenses before they will execute on a judgment.  Some Sheriffs and Constables require a bond first for certain types of executions.  Some Sheriffs and Constables do an excellent job of enforcing writs of execution.

It usually helps if you provide the Sheriff or Constable with sufficient information about the debtor and the debtor’s assets so that the Sheriff or Constable can easily find the person, easily find the assets and then enforce the writ.

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