Does Someone in Arizona Owe You Money?

Prescott AZ lawyer: we represent people to whom money is owed by an Arizona debtor.

Many cases to collect money owed to you are handled on a “no recovery, no fee” basis.  The fee basis depends on several factors: whether the claim appears collectible; whether the claim is stale or fresh; whether there is a writing which corroborates the claim; the size of the claim; the location and composition (individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership) of the debtor; and, other relevant circumstances.

We will evaluate the claim, at no charge, to determine whether we can accept the claim on a “no recovery, no fee” basis.  For a free claim evaluation, download (in PDF) a Claim Referral form and send it to us with a completed Affidavit of Plaintiff’s Claim, to review.  While we will review the forms, our review does not mean we have undertaken representation or agreed to represent you.  And, the information you send will not be held as confidential.

To evaluate a debt collection claim, you should consider the following:

Is the debtor an individual or an entity, such as a corporation or an LLC?

Is the amount owed more, or less, than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00)?

Where does the debtor reside?

Is the debt oral or written?

What reason, if any, is given by the debtor for non-payment?

How old is the claim?

What is the basis of the claim (open account, written contract, etc.)?

Claims based upon non-sufficient funds (“NSF”) checks are also accepted, sometimes regardless of the amount of the check, and sometimes on a “no recovery, no fee” basis.  See our NSF check page for more information.

For terms and conditions relating to the collection of Foreign Judgments (judgments obtained outside of Arizona), see our Foreign Judgments page.

The Commercial Law League Operative Guide applies to certain commercial claims forwarded to us by members of the Commercial Law League of America (“CLLA”).  General information for CLLA Forwarders may be found here.

We have represented creditors in a wide variety of commercial matters including the sale of goods, insurance premium matters, transportation, student loan, credit union claims, bank loans, credit card claims, mortgage foreclosures, repossessions and deficiency matters.

Click “Claim Referral” to download (in PDF) the form.

Click “Affidavit of Plaintiff’s Claim” to download (in PDF) an Affidavit of Plaintiff’s Claim.

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