Legal Advice & Assistance

The fee for an initial consultation is $150.00 and is scheduled for a half hour (but may last longer if the circumstances warrant it).

To get legal advice and/or assistance please follow these

instructions to give us the information we need to help you:

1.   Click on: Office forms

2.   Download Forms 1 and 3.   If someone other than you is paying the consult fee, BOTH of you must sign Form 4.

3.   Fill out and sign the forms, then e-mail them to us (click here).  You may also deposit the forms in our mailbox hanging on the wall outside the front door to our office at 1027 Fair Street, Suite A, Prescott, Arizona 86305.

4.   In your e-mail (or in a note if you drop off the forms), provide this information:

     (A) Is there an impending Deadline?

     (B) Who is the client?

     (C) Who else, if anyone, is involved in your legal matter?

     (D) Are you aware of any person adverse to you that we may have represented in the past?

     (E) What relief do you want;

     (F) Have you consulted any other attorney about this matter, and if so, who did you consult?

     (G) Whether you want a morning or afternoon consultation and provide 3 different dates when you are available.

     (H) State whether you want the consultation to be telephonic, via video conference, or in-person.


After we have reviewed your information and documents, we will respond to your e-mail with the date and time of the consultation (if one is appropriate).  You must then pay the consult fee of $150.00 to reserve the appointment date and time.  You may pay, online, or by check or cash.



Email may not be confidential. 

The consult fee may be applied to the fee for the preparation of Wills, Trusts, or Powers of Attorney, depending upon the circumstances.


Legal adviced

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